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Renee Ballard

That nagging ‘I’m behind in updating my channels’ feeling

There seems to be an annoying burden we’re all carrying around that we don’t update our social media channels enough. I know I’ve definitely suffered from it and it used to drive me crazy, I always had this lagging-behind feeling that kind of translated into me feeling like I was being left behind too.


In the spirit of dealing with this shitty feeling head-on, I dug a little deeper to see what was going on? Am I really lagging behind all the time with updating my accounts? Or was that just my monkey mind chiming in to remind me again that I’m doing it all wrong?!

I helicoptered up to look at where the blockages are with updating and our attitudes toward updating and I’ve come up to two options I think are the culprits that torture us with that nagging feeling.

Option A

Maybe you are. Maybe you take pics, or find articles you want to share, or you have an opinion you are itching to share, but in that present moment, now is not a good time to post. This is a cross-road, because if we drill down a little further on that, is it that you absolutely don’t have time right now? Or is it that you don’t have the time to create an absolutely-perfect-no-typo-perfect-no-possible-error-perfect-post?!

Social media happens best when it’s on-the-fly, and in my experience, on-the-fly and perfectionism are a little mutually exclusive!

If you post a pic or share an opinion on your account, then go ahead, typos and all, come what may. I know the perfectionists amongst you will be clenching as you read this, because this directly flies in the face of perfectionism. And I know the paralysis of perfectionism well because I practice it daily.

What gives me the impetus to move past it is when I see other companies happily posting away all day long like it’s no big deal. When I see the ease with which other people post (I know it’s not easy, but they may it look so damn easy) that makes me sweat bullets, which is exactly the reason why I know I need to get moving and post without the fear of a typo.

Option B

In the cold light of day (not at night time when the night monsters are roaming at large), if you know you’re posting as much as you can each week, then that’s enough then. Period. No further examination needed. But to help ease that nagging feeling, it might help to draw up a schedule, nothing too complicated or fancy, but a Monday to Friday schedule with a few guidelines of what you post when and where. Once that’s done, you can officially leave it be and cut loose that nagging feeling.

The schedule doesn’t need to be beautiful or fancy, just down on paper – I literally write my schedules on paper so I have it floating around my desk and it’s easy to remember where I’m at. Mine is a five day schedule with lots of cross-overs, but you’d expect that from me. Yours can look as simple as you want, e.g. Mondays might be a lifestyle pic you take for Instagram, Tuesday is your campaign day for Twitter and Facebook, Thursday could be a product shot on Facebook, and on it goes.

Once something is down on paper, it’s a lot harder for the nagging feeling to stay alive. Usually that nagging voice is just a leftover habit from something else and we’ve kept it around, because by its very nature – nagging is hard to cut loose! But a big plus to keeping to a schedule means you’ll have cold hard proof that you are doing enough, so that nagging voice can move on – and it probably will – to whining about exercising more, or cleaning the house, she’s a real peach like that!

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