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Renee Ballard

A united front

There are a couple of universal markers we all use when we’re navigating our way online. It’s become the standard put a website’s menu on the top righthand corner of the page. If a site has a pop-up ad, we know they’ve sold their soul, and if the visuals are all over the shop, we don’t feel sure we’re in the right spot.

If you look at big businesses, they’ve got matching visuals nailed. They do this because it conveys trust, order and calmness. Customers don’t need to double check if they’re in the right shop, or if this is the drink I normally buy, because the repetitive and uniform visual cues tells them they’re in the right spot.

To illustrate the power of the visual, a couple of years ago, a company in China launched an Apple shop. Only they didn’t own Apple, nor work for them, they simply stole the visuals of Apple’s unique store design and their easily identifiable cobalt blue staff t-shirts. The entire store was a replica Apple store and it worked, it lured people in and because visually it looked the same, people thought it was a legitimate Apple store.

So, how can we harness visual uniformity for our business’ benefit? We need to get matchy-matchy with our visuals, across all our channels.

Your colours, your visuals, your logo, profile, pic and blurb all need to be the same across your channels. This immediately helps your potential clients easily find you across different channels, and it promotes a sense of trust, because your business won’t look like it has split personality disorder!

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