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Renee Ballard

Has anyone noticed how much prettier the internet has gotten?

Remember when the internet was born? Actually, remember when MS Dos was born? That black screen with the bright green text with that incessant blinking cursor? No Word, no Apple, no tailored fonts, just a black screen with that weird cube-font. Ugh. I can’t un-remember those times. Those were ugly times.

This week, I’ve been working on the awesomely fun job of designing exactly what does my brand look like. So I can get a full scope of what’s been going on lately in the brand and design world, I’ve been researching current trends to see what’s out there that I love. I’ve also been digging through my lists of favourite brands and seeing how they are looking these days. That’s when it struck me, we have come a long way, the internet is way prettier these days!

I know social media is notorious for being laden with fake pics of fake scenes and fake lifestyles; I mean really, who the hell really does have a sideboard with a Diptyque candle, a marble vase and peonies on it? Ever? But even if it’s not ‘real life’, someone wanted that shot to look that way, so they created it to make it happen. And even if it’s not a ‘real-everyday-life’ snapshot, I still think it’s beautiful (and kinda real too). And extra bonus, the end result is me getting to see everyone’s beautiful visions played out for real.

Look up #hygge anywhere and there’s a million shots of people’s perfectly posed cosy homes. Or search #homestyle or #beautifullife and prepare to be dazzled with thousands of gorgeously crafted pics and memes. Contrast that against the days of clip art and comic sans (RIP) and surely we are in the glory years of the internet?!

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