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Renee Ballard

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Feel your way in

If you’ve been dipping your toe into social media, but you’re not really sure entirely about what you’re doing, it can feel like you’re wading through mud, in a maze and that’s not a moreish feeling. It’s pretty much a repellent one and I think that’s where a lot of people stop being curious about…

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Dealing with the humans

I’ve written about The Dark Side of the social media before and how to discern between a troll and a complaint and how to best deal with either. That covers the basics of dealing with the dark side of social media, but there’s also a big, grey area of the internet to wade through: dealing…

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Community building basics

Imagine you walk into a party. You don’t really know anybody there. There’s a couple of friends of friends and a guy you went to primary school with. Mostly there’s a whole bunch of strangers, friendly enough, but you don’t know them. Then imagine you’re standing there, talking to anyone that will listen. Someone stops…

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Last week I wrote about how important it is to keep a record of your social media stats. This week, I want to go further into that and uncover what numbers you actually need to track. Social media channels offer a borderline-unlimited amount of analytics you could track, the key to figuring out which numbers…

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Keeping records

Social media is about 20 years old, give or take. It’s fair to say with over billion active users on Facebook alone, its uptake has been a J curve! I think the major reason it’s captured our attention so wholly is because it appeals to two sides of us. One part of social media really…

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Commit to your channels

There are at least a hundred social media channels out there, and there are about 100 people you know who will tell you what channels you should be using for your business. Neither option is relevant to you though if they don’t bang your gong. Being online all the time erodes being able to concentrate on…

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Don’t sweat the tech stuff

When I work with people on their social media, we do lots of work around how to connect with their target audience, how to engage with their community, how to create good content, how to move their followers through the sales funnel and how to create momentum on their feeds. But there’s one area I…

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Maintaining a healthy distance

Just as author, Kaz Cooke, aptly named one of her books ‘You are not your buttocks’, I am telling you ‘You are not your posts’. Your posts may well come from you, but once you hit send, they make their way to online land and that is the perfect moment to recognize the space between…

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It’s time to celebrate the wins

I don’t mean to freak you out by saying this, but we are almost half-way through the year! Even though time is just a concept, a bunch of numbers really, reaching the middle of the year is the perfect reminder to put our pens down and to look up. Whilst we’re working our way through…

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Bite-sized posts

You have a business to run, with clients to work with, admin to do, products to promote and deliverables to make happen. And on top of all that, now you need to come up with content to post on your social media channels too? Well, technically, yes, but it needn’t be another whole new thing…

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