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Renee Ballard

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The paralysis of perfectionism

The pain is real. You’ve got something great to post, you’ve got a cool pic, and a witty one-liner to go with it. You have the channels to post it out onto and all you need to do is find five minutes to make it happen. Easy. Everything is literally in the your palm, you…

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Who are you talking to?

There is a temptation to think that everyone on the planet is your target audience, but unless you’re running Coca-Cola or Walmart, you’ll struggle to make that idea work. If you try to be everything to everyone, your communications start to get diluted to the point where what you’re saying is no longer meaningful to…

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Focus, then power

Years and years ago, I got my motorbike licence (shortly after, I realised life with a motorbike is a life with helmet hair, and that’s no life for me), but, during the course the instructor shared two powerful insights. Firstly, you only ever accelerate out of a corner, never during one, because when you apply speed,…

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A united front

There are a couple of universal markers we all use when we’re navigating our way online. It’s become the standard put a website’s menu on the top righthand corner of the page. If a site has a pop-up ad, we know they’ve sold their soul, and if the visuals are all over the shop, we…

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Favourites & competitors

As the saying goes, every person is different and that’s what makes us interesting. When it comes to creating our business communications, the same principle applies, we all do it differently. Some businesses share every step of their journey, some repost other people’s content, some invite their community to join a conversation and some use…

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Choosing your channels

How you choose what social media channels you’re going to use for your business boils down to two very different methods: The data collection and analysis method, or The spark/dread guide. The data method requires you research where your target audience hangs out and you gather information about what style of content you’ll be creating,…

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Where are you at?

If you want to sort out your social media for your business, the absolute first step is auditing what you already have. Once you know what channels you have, then you know what you’re working with. You may have been one of those super-organised people who set-up all your accounts in one day, in a…

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Mark out your online territory

From time to time, I come across this frame of mind from small business owners: “We have a facebook page – but we don’t post often because we don’t want to bombard people.” Or “If we have update on both Instagram and Facebook, people will get sick of seeing us in too many places.” Bugger…

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Show all the sides

There’s a temptation when you are talking about your business to only show the one side, namely what you sell, and how great it is. This makes total sense, and for big businesses, it works wonders. But if you’re only going to market with one message, the product/service can struggle to connect emotionally to its…

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Tell us more

Up until the late 1980s, before the big crash(es), it was all the rage in marketing for companies to tell us how great they were, how great their product was, and if we bought their product, by proxy, our lives would be great too. When the 1980s came to a close, we swung from the…

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