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Renee Ballard

Be the face of your brand

There’s a fair case to be made not to be the face of your brand: you don’t want the business to be solely reliant on you, you don’t like photos of yourself, you don’t want to look conceited. But there’s an even fairer case for being the face of your brand: humans like humans.

If you want to speed up your target audience connection, then putting yourself into your communications is like rocket fuel. We’re all curious about what’s going on beneath the surface. We want to see behind the scenes, find out what’s makes a brand tick, how it comes together, who is the brains and brawn behind this thing?!

When you start adding a more human element to your brand, it gives it more depth and more opportunities to resonate with your audience.

There is that fear though that if you put yourself into your communications, then you risk the brand becoming solely reliant on you… But here’s the thing, no company is reliant on just one person because they’re the face of the brand. The only reason that happens is because the boss won’t share the load and the decision making. That’s a whole different issue to posting selfies!

The next two arguments are much more complicated, because they involve how we perceive other people perceiving us. I should know, because I suffer from this affliction.

It’s a little unnerving posting pics of yourself online and you don’t want people to think you think you’re Miss Thing. It’s scary and it takes courage. I can honestly say every time I do, I wake up the next day with a vulnerability hangover. I think good lord, what have I done? Why do I do this to myself? Why can’t I just go and get a job like a normal person? Of course, it’s because I want to do this and when you’re doing something you really want to do, it’s scary.

There’s a saying that says feel the fear and do it anyway. When it comes to this, I wholeheartedly agree. If you absolutely detest putting photos of yourself online, then all the more reason too! But do it with baby steps. Start with a group shot or even easier, a random body part shot, like your feet in runners at the gym. Best save the selfies for when you’re covered the small stuff first.

The other issue about feeling conceited about putting yourself front and centre in your communications can strike an even deeper chord. Sometimes our courage resources feel finite and we think we’ve used them all up even launching the business in the first place. The thought that we then to have to jump back in and get brave by putting our face on it is too much to bear!

This could be where using different levers to motivate you towards getting past this may help. Think about the numbers and have a play with them. Using you in your social media will have an instant effect on your engagement levels. People like people and that’s why social media took off in the first place. Try it out, dare yourself and see how you go. Start off small, build up your brave muscles and watch how people respond.

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