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Renee Ballard

Beware distractions

Social media is a whirly-gig, quagmire of intersecting rabbit warrens. You can have the best of intentions to quickly check your accounts and before you know it, your one-minute check-in has led to an hour-long marathon because you’re trying to find that girl you were in grade three with at primary school, one hundred years ago.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are all full of distractions. The gossip, the pics, the catch-ups, the news, the random stranger opinions on the news, can easily fry your mind and leave you exhausted and ‘over’ social media.

And I haven’t even touched on the numbers yet. If you are at all competitive, there’s the numbers to distract you too. Fussing over the likes, the comments, how many shares and follower numbers you have, will send you down another rabbit warren of ‘research’.

You will know this is happening to you if you start to roll your eyes at the screen or the green-eyed monster starts making mischief or you finally finish your session and you feel pooped, not energised. When this is happening, you are no longer using social media, it is using you!

The more you are distracted with all of the above, the harder it is to get done what you arrived there for in the first place. The next time you’re online, rolling your eyes and thinking ‘what a load of shit – I know your life isn’t that fancy’, then that’s your cue that you are distracted and your eyes have left the prize.

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