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Renee Ballard

Brand values vs personal values

There’s a whole bunch of reasons for having brand values, but my favourite is that when a business has brand values, it makes deciding what to post a breeze.

Creating content to post on our channels is a secret time thief and the fastest way to take back your time is to get your brand values outlined and down on paper so they’re always front of mind. That way, when you have the inevitable internal conversation ‘should I be posting this?’, you have your brand values to frame it against.

When we’re a small business though, it’s easy to substitute in our personal values for our brand values without even noticing what we’ve done. It’s not really a major issue though until we start to grow. When new people join the team, they might have an entirely different set of personal values to yours and all of a sudden, the business’ needs aren’t really being represented anymore.

It’s easier to see how mixing your personal values with your business ones can get messy if we blow it up to the big business picture…

If a CEO of a bank used her personal values as the bank’s brand values, that would only work is hers were honesty, trust and accountability – because that’s what you want out of a bank. But if her personal values are were adventure, integrity and good health, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to resonate so strongly when it comes to customers trusting strangers with their finances!

The values that serve us may not serve the business so as tempting as it is to sub in our personal values as our brand values, the business has its own goals and challenges, so it needs to selected values that help it, not help us!

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