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Renee Ballard

Business Out Loud explained

Business Out Loud is a 4 week course I created for small business owners to help them carve out their own social media strategy that’s wrapped around their business goals.

I call it Business Out loud because sometimes when we create a business, we get too caught up in thinking our business is us and we’re our business. But that’s not entirely true – yes we created a business, but just like all creations, they live outside of us, so by default, they are separate to us.

When you’re in the mindset that you are your business and your business is you, that can stifle your ability to promote it. Your self-esteem becomes entwined in the business’ performance and risking the sting of rejection by promoting your business can feel too close to him to consider. But you are not your business and it is not you. It wants to be promoted, loud and clear to all and sundry!

The course kicks off October 19 and during our 4 weeks together, we cover:

  • Why social media and small business are besties and why I think social media has the edge on big business when it comes to social media.
  • What story telling in marketing actually means and how you can do it.
  • We identify your competitors so we can set you apart from them and we identify your favourites so we can be inspired by them.
  • We do an audit of your channels and we then work out what you’re good at and what you want to keep.
  • We mark out your territory online so you’re getting maximum SEO bang for no buck.
  • We make sire your path from follower to sales is clear.
  • We use big data to overcome the paralysis of perfectionism.
  • We delve into the dark side of social media and how to manage it so it doesn’t swallow you and your business whole.
  • We identify your target audience and we draft a plan for how we’re going to talk to them.
  • We cover the age old issue of converting followers to sales.
  • We talk all things posting, from frequency to language to campaigns to content.
  • We break down how to build your community.
  • And to fortify your plan for the future, we cover analytics and health checks.

So you can see we cover off a whole bunch of stuff, but I’m there the whole way so it doesn’t get overwhelming. And the end result is a strategy that’s all about getting what you want for your business and a plan for how you’re going to get it.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be connected to our closed Facebook page where I share lots of social media goodness, real live examples of who’s out there doing it right and why. It’s also a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs who are in your shoes!

And, if you sign up before October 5, you’ll receive a kikki.K stationery pack worth over $60AU, posted to you anywhere in the world, for free!

If you’re ready to sort out your social media, let’s do it.

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