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Renee Ballard

It’s time to celebrate the wins

I don’t mean to freak you out by saying this, but we are almost half-way through the year! Even though time is just a concept, a bunch of numbers really, reaching the middle of the year is the perfect reminder to put our pens down and to look up.

Whilst we’re working our way through the year, it’s wayyyyyyy too easy to get bogged down in the week’s/month’s/year’s to-do list. And as we work our way through the year, our monkey minds are constantly moving the goals posts, so we can try to achieve more than we initially set out to. This kind of malarkey means the best part of life – celebrating the wins – gets overlooked and pushed to the side, in our relentless pursuit of the next big thing.

I know this because I do this. As I churn through my endless to-do lists, each week I cross off what I’ve done, without giving those achievements a second thought, and I become fixated on what still needs doing. At that point, my ego is in charge and the idea of celebrating what I’ve done so far feels like a betrayal to all the things I still have to do.

With my nose to the grind, I don’t really notice what’s happening, but I’m using this half point in the year to lift my head, look up and (forcibly) remind myself of my wins to date.

Win #1:

I’m still here, on the planet. That alone is always worth celebrating. The older I get, the closer mortality gets and the luckier I feel to still be here.

Win #2:

After months of procrastinating, eating way too much sugar, and late nights (because of all the initial procrastination) my online course Business Out Loud is finally ready to be launched.

Win #3:

After starting the year in much more debt than I care to share, we are working our way out of it and even though we’re not there yet, there’s a debt-free light starting to shine at the end of the tunnel.

I hope wherever this finds you, you can take a moment, look up and celebrate everything big and little thing you’ve done this year. Celebrate those wins!

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