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Renee Ballard

Choose your own (social media) adventure


Chatting with your clients

Facebook is probably the most intimate of any social media channel. It’s where people cross relationships over from the real world to the online world. If you’re business sells directly to the consumer, then Facebook gives you the chance to speak to them and with them.


Take great photos

This is a first and foremost a visual channel. If you use Instagram, you must remember looks are everything here. Each post needs to look good – which isn’t all that difficult to do with the right cropping and filters. If you’re not much of a writer, Instagram can survive off hashtagging alone to connect with your audience.

Sharing your work

If you make a product or the service you sell photographs beautifully (think weddings, events, etc), then this makes for great fodder for Instagram posts.


Give your opinion

Giving your opinion (via a tweet) is a great way to show your audience your business has a personality and real humans work there. If you like to share your thoughts, then Twitter is great for this because with only 140 characters, you have to get to the point.

Sharing cool content

If you are online most days, subscribe to industry related newsletters and are forever clicking on links, then this is a good way to double your efforts and use Twitter as a platform to share your findings.


If you make cool videos, then YouTube is a no brainer.


LinkedIn has launched Pulse, which gives users a space to self-publish their own posts. This works perfectly for people who already blog or like to share their expertise and experiences.

Now you know where to spend your precious minutes (read hours) managing your social media channels, next stop is to google the best how to videos and get started.

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