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Renee Ballard

Choosing your channels

How you choose what social media channels you’re going to use for your business boils down to two very different methods: The data collection and analysis method, or The spark/dread guide.

The data method requires you research where your target audience hangs out and you gather information about what style of content you’ll be creating, what format it will be. Then you analyse each channel for its shareability features and its sustainability in the market. Once you have all the data you need, you compile it all and use the findings to guide you to what channels to use for your business.

Or alternately, you can reduce that workload a little and go with my spark/dread guide instead.

Feel in and observe your energy levels when you use different channels. And become aware of what you say about each channel as they come up in conversation. If you roll your eyes every time someone says they saw something on Facebook, then that’s a little red flag that Facebook probably doesn’t light you up. Or if you feel dazed and confused trying to understand tweets and hashtags, that’s another red flag that Twitter doesn’t bang your gong.

If there is anything people can feel online, it’s energy. When you’re reading someone’s post and they sound frustrated with the channel, or bored by it, you can feel it through the screen, and it’s not pleasant and certainly not moreish.

The sure fire way to pick what channels you’re going to put your efforts into is to lean in and feel which ones light you up. If you can while away hours on Instagram or Pinterest, then there’s a spark there and you’ve found a social media home. Wherever you feel a spark, this is where you should be hanging out and posting your business comms.

Word of warning, you could get an attack of ‘should-itis’, eg: I should be on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc because: my competitors are on there/it’s popular/my neighbour said so. These are all vaguely relevant points, but think about it another more altruistic way. Good energy feels good, so get closer to that and pour your energy into where it feels like fun, not like a drag!

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