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Renee Ballard

Commit to your channels

There are at least a hundred social media channels out there, and there are about 100 people you know who will tell you what channels you should be using for your business. Neither option is relevant to you though if they don’t bang your gong.

Being online all the time erodes being able to concentrate on one thing for any stretch of time because red dots pop up, flags start waving and little chimes ring to alert you to your latest email, message, like, comment or share. If you employ this level of skittishness when running your business’ social media accounts, it’s a risky business.

When your target audience see you jumping from posting on one platform to another, then onto a third, it reads as a hot mess. It takes time to build a following on your channels, and the fastest way to build trust with your community is to be a rock of certainty.

Once you’ve picked the channels that work best for you and your business, you need to commit to them. For some time. At the risk of sounding like a tyrant, there can’t be any flitting and no skittering. It’s time to get disciplined and commit to your channels. Those are your work horses until you consciously retire them.

Doing one thing over and over doesn’t sound exciting, but what comes out of it is a different kind of exciting. It’s a slow build but a solid one, because as you set a certain course, you are holding open a space for people to unfurl in, and that’s the foundation for building a community.

Building an online presence comes from spending time in the seat, day in, day out. Peace out!

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