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Renee Ballard

Energy begets energy

If you’re waiting to get more followers before you start posting your ‘good’ stuff, I have news for you, you won’t get more followers until you start posting your ‘good’ stuff.

Saving better content for when your channels get more followers kind of makes sense. I know a lot of work goes into creating good content, so you don’t just want to spill it out randomly to a small audience. It can be a little soul destroying when you work work work to craft the perfect post only to get 10 likes and at best, one comment.

It might feel counter intuitive, but this is when you need to ramp up your posting even more, because energy begets energy. Your followers-to-be aren’t going to be attracted to a crickets-chirping and tumbleweed feed.

They’re going to be attracted to a feed that has a pulse, with regular posts. It’s not that you need to be posting like a maniac, just make sure you are posting consistently.

It’s exactly the same as if you went to a party. If there is someone there with a good, steady energy, that’s attractive to everyone at the party. If there’s someone there who doesn’t want to waste their good conversation on you until more people turn up, that’s not so attractive.

With the benefit of hindsight, you can see how potential clients will wait in the wings, watching what you’re posting for a while before they make contact. Some people need to know you’re a good thing and a safe bet. So while you’re out there pedalling away, dutifully updating your channels with good content, maybe feeling a little disheartened with the lack of return energy, hang in there, because you are about to tip over to that energy coming straight back and more – I promise!

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