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Renee Ballard

Facebook: Shifting your friends to followers

My personal Facebook account reads a little like an archaeological dig. In it you’ll find layers of friends that range from people I knew at primary school in the ‘80s, to people I once worked with at a call centre, to random adventurers I meet travelling around the world, and everyone else in between.

To me, Facebook is kinda like the ghosts of a thousand Christmas passed.

I know a lot of people start off small with their business and sharing their new business on their personal account makes sense because that’s a part of your day and your life and you want to share that. But there can come a time when you might want to keep church and state separate.

Having your target audience see your personal life might be a little close for comfort. And, if you’re thinking big and thinking rich (and why wouldn’t you?!), if you want to sell your business one day, a company Facebook page full of likes is worth more and easier to sell than your personal account is!

Your personal account is a great depository for everything that happens in your personal life – from holidays pics to baby news to political views. But your business probably doesn’t need all that auxiliary information to help it achieve its goals.

What your business needs is a platform all to itself.

If you’ve already made the leap and you’ve set up your own business page, then driving people from your personal one can be a bit of a challenge, but one worth persisting with. These are my techniques for shifting people from your personal to your company one.

  • To get the ball rolling, start off with inviting every one of your friends on your personal account to like your business page. You can do this by visiting your company page and clicking ‘Invite Friends’.
  • Then going forward, for every new Facebook friend request you get and accept, immediately ask them to like your company page.
  • To get Facebook circulating my company’s posts more often, I boost my company posts so they’ll feature more in news feeds. This is effectively an ad campaign, but my hunch is Facebook favours the spenders.
  • When I post the big stuff (product announcements, new website, etc) I share it back to my personal account. It a twofold tactic. It’s shares my news with a wider circle of people and it reminds anyone that hasn’t liked my page yet that I have one and here’s the link to it.

Lastly, remember it takes time and discipline, annoying but true. If you stick with it, you’ll eventually successfully direct the right traffic to the right channels.

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