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Renee Ballard

Focus, then power

Years and years ago, I got my motorbike licence (shortly after, I realised life with a motorbike is a life with helmet hair, and that’s no life for me), but, during the course the instructor shared two powerful insights. Firstly, you only ever accelerate out of a corner, never during one, because when you apply speed, the bike naturally wants to be upright and go straight. Secondly, you always need to be looking where you want to go, because where you are looking is where you’ll end up.
Aside from being profound metaphors for life in general, I think these motorbike riding tips also work a treat when it comes to achieving your social media goals too. You need all the momentum going in one direction, and you need to focus on where you want to go.

It’s why it’s crucial to set your goals for your social media channels, and they need to be distilled out of your bigger business goals. When you know what you want, it’s easier to make social media become your servant, as opposed to your master!

Start with thinking big, big, big. Bigger even. What do you want? More clients? Bigger spend per client? Stronger brand recognition? Write it all down. Then step back and think about how social media can make it happen?

If you want more clients, then your social media goal needs to serve that. Is your audience reach too low? Do you need to increase followers? Do you have stuff to sell but no campaign sketched out to promote what you sell?

If you want to strengthen your brand identity, are you looking en pointe online? Do your posts present as a united front? Are your values clear? Does your language sound as you want it to?

Without social media goals, you are at risk of flipping and flopping from one post to the next, never quite sure if you’re meant to be posting this? Or should I be really posting that? There’s no central focal point you’re powering toward.

Stitching your social media outputs to your greater goals means you are focused on where you want to go. Now you know where you’re heading, you can add speed and power so you get there in a straight line, just like a motorbike powering out of a corner.

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