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Renee Ballard

Get Above It

Why would I put together another social media course when there are already a million others out there? Because Get Above It is made for wild women who run their own business and need a strategy tailored to their business that works for them.

It’s for women who are tired of thinking up what to post, annoyed at how much time their social media takes up, and frustrated because they can’t work out if social media is even helping their business at all.

If this is you, read on.

Get Above It is a four-week program where we move through your brand, your brand’s voice, your business goals and how we’re going to use social media to get there. At the end of the program, I create your social media strategy that is made to plug directly into your marketing and/or business strategy.

This means you can take ‘sort out my social media’ off your to do list because it will finally be sorted! You will no longer wake up thinking ‘ugh – what can I post today?’ and you will stop wondering ‘should I be posting this?’

We work on how you’re going to build your online community and manage it, how we move your followers through the sales funnel and what direction your content takes. I capture everything we cover in our first three sessions together so I can create campaigns that are easy to execute and help you achieve your big picture business goals.

Get Above It works on three levels:


First things first, get your house in order. We mark out the business’ online territory, we install best business practice when it comes to running social media channels and we work through the technical and logistical.


As we work through the structural, we also work through any emotional triggers that get pulled. When I start to hear things like “I don’t want to post photos of me”, I know we’ve struck a chord. We unravel those thoughts and we pick through what’s useful to the business and where fear is strangling the business.


Every business is unique so our social media strategy needs to be too. We work through what the business needs, what the business owner can give and we create campaigns, content direction and points of difference so the business can shine on its own online.

I collect everything we cover above during our first three sessions together, then I create and deliver your business’ social media strategy in our fourth session together.

Our four sessions together are designed to get you above the day to day so you can focus on your big picture business goals and we can get social media working for you.

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