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Renee Ballard

Getting woo-woo with the M-word

It’s time to get woo-woo (for those of you who know me, you know woo-woo is where I like to live). I use magic to find content, because finding content to post each day, every second day, every week, across multiple channels is bloody tiring.

Even if you’re leading some crazy-amazing, passion-filled life full of non-stop gloriousness, stopping to take photo, crop it, filter it, add a caption, hashtag it and upload it, takes time. Let alone if you’re leading a more regular-style life, Instagrammable moments may not be presenting themselves everyday. That’s when finding content to post can become a hassle.

So how does the magic work? It’s the law of attraction. And I know the law of attraction cops a lot of flak since that damn book told us we could all have a race car if we imagined driving one – but love it or hate it, a lot of the time it works.

Whenever I doubt using this principle of magic, I am always reminded that it works because of my watch. About five years ago, I was at work in Sydney, sitting next to my friend Emily, and we were online, browsing watches because Emily was looking for a new one. She liked the look of the Christian Dior ones, and anytime anyone is browsing Dior, I’m always interested!

As we were looking, another woman we worked with came over and told us how she had just had a meeting with Dior and they had invited her to a friends of Dior sale tomorrow at the Westin Hotel, 70% off. She asked if we wanted to come, please, total no brainer, we were going.

This is where the stars really aligned. The company we working for was about to get sold, and we worked in the global team and we knew the global team was going to get demolished, I mean made redundant. So we knew a redundancy pay-out was coming our way. And even with 70% off, a Dior watch is still an exey purchase.

On sale day, we took an extended lunch break, went to the sale and we each got a watch. It was glorious and magical. No less than two days earlier were we sitting admiring Parisian watches, awaiting a redundancy package, when in walks an invite to get said watches at 70% off… how does that happen if not by magic?!

How to use magic when it comes to finding content to post? It happens with a schedule.

Write down what your kind of content you want to post, on what channel and how many times a week. It’s got to be written down. If it’s not written down it won’t work. Ok, it will work some, but it won’t be as effective.

It should look something like this:


It can be as little or as much as you like, but you gotta write it down.

Now you’ve got a schedule, without you even trying, content will start positioning itself directly in front of you. For example, if you work in fashion and you’re at a fashion show – hello next 3 photos to post. If you’re a writer and one of your favourite writers releases a book, there’s any easy link for you to post on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’re a hairdresser and America’s Next Top Model is on telly this week – then during the show is when you should be tweeting.

This is how I’ve been using magic to find content. I know it works because I use it every day. When I first started my business’ social media channels, I did start off having a list of potential posts at the ready to make sure I didn’t get caught out, but that was months ago. Now whenever it’s time to post, whatever I need pops up at the right time. It could be that it pops up purely out of coincidence, or it could be magic. I’m going with magic, because you know, the watch.

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