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Renee Ballard

The hipster movement & social media

After we rode out the ‘everything to excess’ 80’s where shoulder pads reigned supreme for men and women alike, the pendulum was bound to swing an equal distance the other way. Enter the 90’s where Stussy pants arrived in every shade of beige and grey and Calvin Klein launched One, the world’s first unisex fragrance.

While the fashion trends oscillated and we all reeled from financial markets crashing down around us, the one thing that did not suspend pace was mass-production. In fact, as China began to open its doors to the rest of the world, they became the world’s biggest manufacturers – of everything. As a result, consumer goods came down in price and the world has steadily moved into a fast-consuming, fast-disposing society.

With the rise of global super brands like Apple, Zara and Red Bull, being available on every corner, herein lies the birth of the hipster. The movement, while copping a lot of flack for being pretentious, really focuses on the bespoke, the handmade, the authentic and the one-off. This flies directly in the face the mass-production era we’re swimming in.

And herein lies the connection – with the advent of the global hipster movement, brands and businesses that can tell their story have a better chance at connecting with their audience than brands who are still shouting ‘buy my product’. Granted, the big chains don’t really need much of a story because they have production, logistics, distribution and price point nailed. So how to compete with them? Sorry telling. A good story, well told, invokes an emotional connection, which is the key ingredient to any good marketing strategy to bring people into the sales funnel.

Now we understand the connection, it’s going to work in your business’ favour to think back, remember your story and push it through your social media channels. Tweet by tweet, post by post, it may not look like you’re telling a story, but when your audience helicopters up, they can see the cohesion of your brand’s story through your posts. A good story is the sum of all parts and a good social media story is just that too. Every tweet, post and update needs to be aligned with your brand’s story.

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