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Renee Ballard

Hope is not a plan

Once you have written down your 2018 social media goals (which can be anything from the huge: ‘I want one million followers’, to the manageable: ‘I want to post three times a week’), now we craft a plan to make it happen.

If writing down your goals is half the battle, then writing the plan is the other half. Your plan can be as detailed or broad as you like, whatever works best for you. It needs to suit your character because if it doesn’t, for the first two weeks it will feel like you’re pulling teeth, and for the rest of the year you’ll shelve it along with all the other dental-preferable jobs. For me, I work best with a strategy, then with a plan with about 90% of what I want to achieve mapped out and about 10% left wide open where I’ll decide as I go.

I love working to a plan because every Monday, when I front up for work, I get to instantly bypass that ‘what the hell am I doing?’ feeling. It’s like a gift from my old-self to my future-self that steers me to where I want to go – toward my goals.

When you start crafting your plan, it’s crucial to open your mind so you can capture everything you are already doing for your business. Are you a networking machine? Do you take heaps of photos? Are you a prolific writer? Wherever you are spending the bulk of your time is the first resource you need to delve into to harness what you’re already creating.

Now look at what you already create against your goals. If your goal is to become a recognised industry leader, and you’re a prolific writer, then a blog is a natural progression to show off your expertise. If your goal is to raise awareness about your brand, and you’re a keen photographer, then get those pics up on Instagram and start hashtagging the pants off them. If your goal is to build a bigger community, and you’re a networking machine, make sure all your marketing outputs include your social media accounts so it’s easy for people to follow you.

Overlapping your goals with what you’re already doing is the easiest way to come up with a concrete plan to achieving your goals, without adding bulky to-do items to your already long list!

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