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Renee Ballard

How do you turn followers to sales?

We spend so much time online posting, liking, commenting and sharing on our business social media accounts to grow follower numbers, earn engagement in our posts and build a community, it’s a natural progression to wonder – how can I turn those followers into sales?

I’ve compiled a quick checklist so you can make sure you’re not getting in the way of your followers turning into clients…

  1. Where are you?

If you’re a shop-based service (think hair salon) or you sell products under licence in a specific area (think beauty brands), then where your followers live becomes a factor in converting followers to sales. You would have to be one hell of a hair dresser to convert a follower who lives over 50kms away from your salon! If you’re a geo-local business, then being online on social media is still great because it helps convert out-of-towners who are new in your neighbourhood and looking for what you sell.

  1. Say it like you eat it

Do you followers know what you sell? I mean, could they close their eyes and say it out loud? Or would they have to dig around posts to work it out? Your homepage on every social media channel needs to chant one message only; who you work with, what you do and what’s the outcome. The clearer you are, the easier it is for followers to know what they can buy from you.

  1. Easy peasey lemon squeezy

Is your product or service easy to buy? Can people click a ‘buy’ button on your website? Or do they need to contact you to work out how they can buy from you? And if they do need to contact you, do they know exactly what they need to ask you for? Sometimes in our haste to be everything to everyone, what we offer our clients is a little too vague and they can’t easily work out how to buy from us. Packaging up your services or products into a bundle makes it easier for clients to hit the ‘buy’ button on what you sell.

  1. Target audience

An oldie but a goodie, are your followers your ideal client? No doubt through posting about various topics in all sorts of time zones, your channels have picked up all sorts of followers. Not all of them will be your ideal client or even your target audience. That’s par for the course because social media channels cast wide nets catching everyone they can. Your sales figures may be bang-on or even above average when it come to how many of your target audience are in your followers. But if you have a huge amount of followers and few of them are your target audience, then it will skew your perception that you have a low follower to sales conversion rate.

If you’ve deep-dived through these four areas and you’ve come up with no new leads on why your followers aren’t converting to sales, then we find ourselves at marketing. You may need an old fashioned – still annoyingly relevant – marketing plan or campaign. This means looking at the four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion and placement and with these front of mind, it’s time to write a marketing campaign, stick to it, and go after it ruthlessly!

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