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Renee Ballard

I want it all

You know how we have those friends who notoriously only post the highlights package of their life? The time they’re on a boat/first class flight/at Potato Head in Bali, and after a while, watching their perfect life starts to grate?

And same goes for the people who only post the gloomy side: the parking ticket, the runny nose, the irritation that Christmas has become too commercial. After a while, just seeing their name come up in your feed has you braced for what’s coming.

Both are extreme examples, but both suffer the same fate, too much sameness. Life is light and shade, yin and yang, two sides to a coin, I could go on. But I don’t want to see just one side of the story, I want all the juicy details in between.

It’s the same with brands and what they post online. When it gets too happy-happy, smiley-smiley, samesy-samesy, then I pretty much fall asleep. It’s not that I don’t like postivity – but sugar tastes better when it’s served with salt. Or conversely, if it’s all a world of the sky is going to fall, so you better invest now, then more snoring from me ensues.

I like it when companies show me both sides of their business. The ins and outs, the behind-the-scenes, a sneak peak into what makes up their bigger picture. I actually want to know their story. Which is maybe a part of the reason why when something goes pear-shaped (think Lorna Jane and the receptionist job, pun intended), I want to see companies come out on the front foot and explain what’s going on. Not put up a sign that says business as varnished-ly usual.

To me, the muckiness of life is inevitable, but it’s what everyone, personal and business-wise, are willing to share with me that keeps me wanting more.

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