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Renee Ballard


Instagram is a visual comms channel, so while the captioning and tags matter, the pic is the champion.This brings me to cross-roads, do you post a pic of because it looks perfect for your feed, even though you didn’t take it? Or do you only post the pics you actually take?

I know people’s posts can take a flight of fancy from reality and Instagram is the home to a heavenly land of a million lounge rooms that look clean, tidy and Scandinavia-inspired. I get and I like it, because I looking at beautiful things. But I think there’s a difference between using strategic styling, artful cropping and filters on your own pics, to point blank lifting other people’s images and posting them as if that’s your life. It messes with the authenticity of how your account feels. Not how it looks, but how it feels.

Say you’re posting pics of beautiful office spaces that look like something out straight out of the Hamptons, when really, you work from your lounge room (which is in no way Hamptons-esque), it will eventually translate to the follower. And as a follower, it feels icky when you finally realise that what you’re seeing really has nothing to do with who you are following.

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