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Renee Ballard

Insta-home studios

When you’re a small business, you probably don’t have a huge budget to put toward photography. But when you run social media accounts for your business, you still need pics. Until you hire that photographer to do all your shoots, there’s an alternative; get creative with your photo shoots at home.

Below are my tried and true tips for how to make insta-studio magic at home!


You are bound to have cool stuff in your house that adds personality to your pics. Vases, crystals, candles, trays, coffee table books, all make for great additions to what you’re shooting.


For taking up close pics (of your products or just of things you want to shoot), then you need a clear space with a smooth, plain background. Bathroom and kitchen benches are usually ideal for this.


If you’re taking close up pics then down lighting is optimal. If the light is behind you, your arm can cast a shadow over what you’re shooting.

Beware of backlighting too. This is the worst if you’re shooting outdoors and into the light sun, whatever you’re trying to focus on will be shrouded in darkness because the light from behind them is flooding the camera.


There’s good-looking homemade photos and then there’s not-so-good-looking homemade photos. Check all four corners of the frame whilst you’re shooting to make sure the rug is not creased or the cord from the lamp isn’t all bunched up and messy.


If you’re shooting for Instagram, flick your phone’s photo cropping straight to square, then you won’t have to deal with cropping and losing some of your pic when it comes to posting.

Remember Chanel was right, less is more. Whenever a pic isn’t come together, think about taking something out of the photo or cropping it harder.

Happy snapping!

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