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Renee Ballard

It’s hard to hit a moving target

We are still early days in 2018 and while we’re busy plotting our finance goals, our holiday goals and our life goals, there’s always one area that gets overlooked, our social media goals.

Social media goals don’t have to be complex or highfalutin, but you do need them all the same because without them, you are posting blind and hope becomes your plan. Generally, there are three major goals social media inspires:

  • Advertise what you sell
  • Build an online community
  • Convert followers into clients.

From here, the minutiae is up to you…

How do you want to advertise what you sell? Will you explain your service or product through a blog? Will you show your followers photos of what your product or service will do for them?

When you think of building an online community, how many followers does that mean? Or will you measure your success by what level of engagement you achieve per post?

Do you want to convert your followers into new clients? Should your major focus be on engaging with your target audience? Will you use marketing campaigns to help followers become clients? How many times per year will you run campaigns?

Putting finite answers next to these questions is the beginning of creating tangible goals. Writing them down means you have a firm reference point to measure against as the year unfolds.

If you leave these questions open-ended and subsequently floating around in the ether, then trying to achieve your vague goals will be like trying to hit a moving target. Outline your goals, write them down, and then aim for them. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

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