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Renee Ballard

Maintaining a healthy distance

Just as author, Kaz Cooke, aptly named one of her books ‘You are not your buttocks’, I am telling you ‘You are not your posts’.

Your posts may well come from you, but once you hit send, they make their way to online land and that is the perfect moment to recognize the space between you and it. You’ve done your part, which is write (or photo or video, etc) what needs writing and you sent it out. What happens next is the dance of communication. All communication starts one-way, then it may or may not go to two-way, but that can only ever happen after you make the first move.

When we forget to put a little space between ourselves and the post, as it makes its way into the online world, a little strand of our self-esteem and self-worth is still connected to it. This little strand goes out with it into the World Wide Web, where it really does not belong. Wrapping your self-esteem or self-worth on a post’s popularity is a risky business, there are 1.7 billion updates on Facebook daily, that’s some crap odds to dish your self-esteem!

This is why we need some space between you and your posts because how your posts perform is their business, not yours. Of course, you are at the controls, I haven’t totally lost my mind, but keeping some space is a healthier way to use social media, than living or dying on the vine with every post.

It takes practice, but with every post, be mindful of any elation or doldrums you are getting from each post’s success or lack thereof. It’s ok to hover like a parent, but to derive your self-esteem or self-worth isn’t sustainable or enjoyable.

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