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Renee Ballard

Mark out your online territory

From time to time, I come across this frame of mind from small business owners:

“We have a facebook page – but we don’t post often because we don’t want to bombard people.”


“If we have update on both Instagram and Facebook, people will get sick of seeing us in too many places.”

Bugger that I say.

Take up as much space as you want, remember… the sun doesn’t care if it blinds you!

Online is a virtual space, but whether we can touch it or not, it still exists. I know this next sentence is vague in stats, but lots of people are online every day, looking up info they want about a business they need to help them with their problem. Your business needs its own space online where it can live, breath and hold a space to attract your target audience to. The amount of space you want to carve out for your business is only bound by you.

There is the temptation to stay small and stay-put and patiently and politely wait for your audience to find you – maintain an online presence whilst never risking overstepping an invisible line and be seen as becoming too loud, too noisy, too everywhere.

The downside to staying small and petit is you risk becoming altogether invisible. Marking out your online territory carves out space for your business and the benefits are trifold: it shows your target audience you are serious about what you do, it catches the eye of the SEO gods and it exponentially increases the odds of your target audience finding you.

Marking your territory online can be done with either operating on multiple online channels, like having accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, etc. Or you can choose to just keep one or two online accounts and work the shit out of them by posting as often as you like. It’s also a state of mind. Shifting the focus toward sending out your content because you want to – rather than avoiding posting content because you’re worried what people will think – is you unapologetically inhabiting your online space.

Think about your online presence right now… Is your business showing up in the places you want it to? Is it easy for people to find you online? Do you feel like you own a patch of online real estate? Or are you crouching on the fringe, politely crossing your legs so as not to take up too much space?!

Get out there and take up as much space as you like!

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