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Renee Ballard

One post, many channels

Do you create different content to send out on your different channels? Or do you repurpose what you created for Facebook and put it out on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc too?

I do the latter option because why reinvent the wheel?

It could be because of The Squeeze. It’s like how some people can’t bear to waste food, I can’t bear to waste content.

I can hear what you’re thinking… but what about my followers who follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram who don’t want to see the same thing duplicated or worse, in triplicate?

Too bad. I don’t mean to be heartless, but they’ll cope. And that’s only if they notice. More than likely your followers only follow you on one or two channels. If they follow you on more than that, then they are already true fans of what you do!

I think there’s a couple of advantages to sending out the same content on a few channels.

Aside from Snapchat, none of the other big player channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) strictly adhere to real-time posting. They all use algorithms that are a culmination of timing, popularity, time zones and trends to decide what posts go out when and where. That’s why you sometimes see the same post multiple times throughout the day on the same channel. It’s probably getting a lot of likes or comments and the algorithm picks up on that and circulates it further.

The same can happen in reverse. You may miss seeing posts because if the algorithm only sends it out once and it gets no traction, then it doesn’t gets recycled as much.

Hardly seems fair, but that’s the truth of it. Sometimes social media is a little like high school, it’s where popularity is seen as a prized commodity.

If you’re still worried about bombarding your followers with the same content across multiple channels, then dig a little deeper… Do you really know if you have the same followers across every channel? If you do, then there could be a point for making channel-specific content.

In the unlikely event you do have the same followers over a few channels, think about their viewing habits. We all have our preferred channels we hang out on. I might follow a company on a couple of channels, but it doesn’t mean I’m checking all those accounts all the time.

Repurposing content might feel funny at first, but there’s a method to the madness. It saves you time and it puts your company’s posts in multiple spots where they’re more likely to be seen – and that’s the whole point!

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