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Renee Ballard

The problem with a walled garden

For example, if your business has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram account and a LinkedIn Page, then that’s four different communication platforms you need to update and maintain.

There is a popular misconception out there that throwing up a post up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn only takes a minute. It doesn’t. It takes ages, minutes can lead to an hour; content sourcing, proof reading, links, photos, hastags, all take time to pull together.

Then multiply all that time by however many social media accounts you have and you are in a world of time-thieving hell!

I know there are a couple of swifties you can pull, namely updating one account and pushing it out across all your channels, but beware, those misplaced posts always look a little strange and out of place. And that only takes care of one side of social media, updating. There’s still the task of maintaining your accounts, replying to comments, building a following, engaging with your followers.

So what to do?

Be brave and brace yourself that you’re going to have to work against the trend. The trend of keeping up with the virtual Joneses and trying to be everything to everyone. There is an upshot though, you’ll get time back and you won’t feel like you are working for a social news feed.

Firstly, think about it. Think about what you like updating and what you don’t. And what makes your brand/business look good and what doesn’t. And think about where your clients are, where do you see the most engagement. Then rethink what accounts you’ve got running. Do you really need them all?

Then cull. Mercilessly if you have to. Anything to save yourself the precious time you’d rather use on the tools, like baking the perfect cupcake, brushing your Persian cat, that kind of thing.

The result should be that you have fewer accounts that take less time to update but your brand is still in the right place talking to the right people.

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