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Renee Ballard

Put your values into your posts

Treating social media like it sits outside of your business is a bit like hiring an accountant and not showing them the books. It makes the job a little redundant. Same same with your social media posts, they need to be driven by the heart of your business, and intrinsically linked to its values.

If you don’t have your values down yet, grab a pen and paper, a cup of tea and get thinking and feeling. Write a list answering these questions…

  • What do you think your business stands for?
  • What do you want it to stand for?
  • What do you want clients to experience when they use your product/services?
  • How do you want them feel?

Jot it all down, go large, no filtering or over thinking.

Then look back over the list and feel in. Have you added values you only because you think they should be on there? Are there a couple missing because you’re not sure how that value would really fit in with your business? Get editing, on and on, until it feels right.

Now you have your list, you have the blue print for what you need to be sharing on social media and you can start showing your target audience your values through your posts.

A big-arse company that does this near perfectly is Red Bull. When you strip away all their marketing, and only look at what they do, they’re just a soft drink company. Granted, they sell a lot of it, but still, it’s just soda. It’s their values (freedom, adventure, performance) that imbibe the brand with a personality, and it’s this that steers their communications and their marketing outputs (sponsorships, events, etc).

Getting solid on your values opens up the heart of the business and using those values to steer your content means your target audience feels what you stand for too.

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