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Renee Ballard

Show all the sides

There’s a temptation when you are talking about your business to only show the one side, namely what you sell, and how great it is. This makes total sense, and for big businesses, it works wonders. But if you’re only going to market with one message, the product/service can struggle to connect emotionally to its target audience, because it’s hard to connect with something that’s one dimensional.

For better or worse, social media is half participation and half voyeuristic. Well, on second thought, it’s probably more like 10% participation and 90% voyeurism. It’s the voyeuristic side of social media that yearns for more insight into what’s happening with whoever they’re following.

Showing a little bit more about the minutiae of your daily business life takes your one dimensional communications plan and breathes life into it, making it a 3D communications experience. One of the perks of having a small business is that you sit at the control panel what gets posted on social media. It’s a short chain of command between having an idea for what to post and then making it happen.

Thinking a little sideways and showing us what else happens in your day gives us a glimpse into what’s behind your polished front window? It helps your target audience get a deeper sense of who you are and how you do what you do. Humans like this kind of stuff because we can relate to it.

Showing more about what your day to day business runnings looks like doesn’t have to be invasive, like a snap of you signing your divorce papers, it’s more about showing where do you get your coffee in the morning, that kind of thing. It’s the little stuff that you do each day that tells us the big picture of what you do.

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