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Renee Ballard

Snapchat – you wiley little minx

{Photo by Steve Meddle/REX/Shutterstock}

Snapchat was created in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and currently has 150 million users on there a day. I remember when it launched, I kind of lumped it in with Chat Roulette (is that still going?!), and thought it was just for sexting teens.

Turns out I was wrong, it’s bigger than just sexting teens, what percentage I’m not sure, but celebs, business and people all over have taken to it in droves.

Rumour has it that 70% of American college students use it daily.

These are all big numbers and I get it’s a busy channel, but I’ll admit, it has pushed all my buttons getting my head around using it.

It’s a little like Instagram because it only works on a phone, I’m ok with that. It’s ridiculously easy to take, send and post snaps and videos, I love that. It has the cutest, coolest filters which I love playing with, totally down with that. But that’s about as fancy as I can get on there.

Where I am struggling with Snapchat is the lack of a homepage or a feed. I can’t find a base just to hang out on, like what Facebook and Twitter offer. The whole app feels skittish, which I think is on purpose, it adds to the whole transience experience of fast, deleting media.

I’m pushing on with it though, if for no other reason than because I love the way it flies in the face of a basic human affliction, hoarding! Maybe it’s the lightness of being that’s fazing me? I’m not sure, but if you wanna share snaps, you can find me on there as ballard_comms.

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