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Renee Ballard

Tell what you sell

How many times have you visited a company’s website and it takes you at least three clicks to find out what it is they do and sell? You’ve visited the site, so you may have a gist of what they do, but when it comes to actually working out what you could tangibly buy from them, you can’t find any info that makes it easy to understand.

When your target audience has to do the grunt work to uncover what it is exactly you do, then you are secretly asking them to cut you loose as an option because from the first meeting, you’re already turning out to be hard work!

That’s not what we want.

We want your target audience to visit your site, see/read/feel exactly what it is you do and what you sell, and how they can buy with a click or two. No need for them to cross-check or cross-reference because they can’t exactly work out what it is you do.

Any copy on your page that reads ambiguously from: “raising the standard of excellence in global financial markets” to “we aim to improve your health and well-being” is wayyyyy too vague and unless your business is so big that it literally goes without saying what you do (Walmart, HSBC, etc), then tighten it up and get specific.

The fastest way to get this sorted is a two-step process I call – Tell what you sell.

Firstly, either put your objective goggles on, or find someone to be an objective visitor. Visit your site, start at the homepage, and see how quickly you/they can decipher who you are, what you sell and how they can buy it. Take the feedback and resist the urge to tell them where they’re wrong! Now for part two of the process, follow the same path through your site and get decisive with your copy.

Your opening sentence is the first place to start. It should state who you work with, what you do and what you sell. That blunt, that straightforward. The benefit to doing this is twofold. In an age where everyone is mindlessly marching around chanting how busy they are, you don’t want to give any potential client a reason not to work with you. And more importantly, now the universe knows exactly what it is you do, it can get busy sending clients your way!

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