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Renee Ballard

The Squeeze

A few years ago, when I worked in corporate, I worked with a gorgeous girl called Emily. We two made up the communications team in the marketing team and we hated waste, so we created The Squeeze – the art of maximising every single thing you create so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

The Squeeze is one of my absolute favourite marketing tools – basically it’s when you take every single piece of content you make – a photo, an update, a blog post, a newsletter, whatever it is, and then you squeeze out every kind of cross-promotion you can think of.

Pre the internet, web 2.0, social media etc, not many people had access to publishing platforms, short of being a Murdoch or a Packer. But now we all have access to multiple online publishing platforms. I read recently that more people around the world have access to the internet than they do to running water – or that could be phones, but still, it highlights my point.

Aside from my crazy half-stat, it’s understandable we find it a little overwhelming and exhausting to constantly be creating cool photos, writing articles for blog posts, finding articles to share and it starts to feel like you’re reinventing the wheel every day.

In the most grass roots form of The Squeeze, posting a photo on Instagram and sharing it to Twitter and Facebook is entry point. That’s easy and doable. But you can make it as complicated as you like. If you create bigger pieces of content like a blog post, you can reshape it to suit different channels and you can carve it up into different shapes.

With a blog post, there are 5 ways you can put The Squeeze on it:

Level 1

Post it on your website.

Level 2

Publish you blog link to all of your social media channels.

Level 3

Add the link in your newsletter and to send it out to your subscribers.

Level 4

Then you can gather you blog posts with similar ones you’ve written and create PDF cheat sheet that turns into a free gifts when people buy from you.

Level 5

If you want to go crazy and brave and courageous (and why wouldn’t you?!), you can take that blog post and use it as an article idea to pitch to a publication in your industry. Granted, you can’t really reuse the exact same article, but you now have a solid draft to tweak and refresh that you can use.

From writing one blog post, you’ve got instant access to a 5 level Squeeze! That’s 5 pieces of content to go out to market with, which is pure content creation and you increase your communication reach than you ever would by just posting on your blog.

Now, I know there is one major resistance to this technique because I always hear it from my clients… “Won’t all my channels just be repeating the same thing?” Well, yeah, they kinda will, but your followers on Twitter may not be your followers on Instagram, and you followers on Facebook may not be the same connections or followers on LinkedIn. If there is an overlap, that’s up to your followers to decide where they want to see you, all you need do is keep squeezing!

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