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Renee Ballard

To get a good follower, you gotta be a good follower!

It can be a little soul destroying when you spend god knows how long crafting the perfect post and you send it out and then… nothing. Crickets chirping, a couple of friends like it, and that’s about it. It’s annoying, because why won’t people like my post? Or you are constantly updating your channels but you’re not seeing an increase in followers. Why? WHY?!

The monkey mind is obsessed with the numbers, it wants to know how many followers do you have yesterday, today and tomorrow? How many does your competitor have and why can’t you get there?

Putting the monkey mind aside for a second (because we know the monkey mind is never happy), we need to look at your online behavior. If you’re happy with your posts and you’re connected to your target audience, then what gives?

If you think of social media like a party, then imagine two people walking through the front door. One is wearing a sandwich board advertising their business and is walking around introducing themselves and handing out brochures listing everything their business does, at best you’re going to say ‘hi’ and then go get a drink and never go back.

The other person walks into the party and says ‘hi’, tells you their name and what they do, then asks about you. Then they listen to your response, then they ask another question, and a conversation ensues.

I’m pretty confident I can pick which guest you want to spend time talking to.

When someone spends their time, for free, looking for your business, finds it online and like your page – that is a win. If they go a step further and like a post – that is totally awesome. If they really get involved and leave a comment, that’s when you need to step in.

Each and every comment you get needs to be liked and replied to. Even if it’s just a tiny response, the time your follower spent in reading your post and responding needs to be acknowledged. If we go back to the party, imagine if you said to me ‘you live in Hong Kong, must be hot in the summer’ and I just looked at you and didn’t respond? You’d think I was a little off, When really, in real life I would of course respond and say ‘yes Hong Kong is hot, it’s hotter than the sun!’.

If you want more followers, you need to love on the ones you have – hard. For Facebook it means replying to every comment left, for Instagram it’s about following your followers and liking their stuff too. For Twitter, same. To get a good follower, you gotta be a good follower!

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