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Renee Ballard


Last week I wrote about how important it is to keep a record of your social media stats. This week, I want to go further into that and uncover what numbers you actually need to track.

Social media channels offer a borderline-unlimited amount of analytics you could track, the key to figuring out which numbers to record needs to be guided by checking in with your business goals and your social media goals. This is reason #3418 of why you writing down your goals comes in bloody handy! (If you haven’t already done this, I’ll give you a quick five to jot these down).

To work out what numbers to track, we lay everything out first. Business goals > Social media goals > What to track.

For example:

You can see once we’ve broken it down and laid it out, how easy it is to work out what you need to track. The data you collect will directly reflect how effective your social media is in helping you achieve your bigger business goals.

Even though collecting data may not be your thing, when you see how doing this (sometimes obscure and tedious) task, you can see it helps to shine a light on whether you are achieving your goals. I find this alone is motivation enough to dig deep and  just do it.

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