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Renee Ballard

Working your networks

Being an entrepreneur/solopreneuer/small business owner can feel a bit like being an island most of the time. But one of the perks of social media is its social side. Posts are made for sharing, liking, tagging and commenting. Giving some attention to your connections and shouting out to them in your posts is a quick and easy way to increase your reach and share the love.Think about how many companies your business intersects with… Are you launching a new website or product? Who did you work with on it? Can you tag them in your announcements about what you’re doing and share your news with their audiences?

Are you collaborating with anyone on a new program? Can you create a schedule together where you tag each other so you can share your news to both of your audiences?

Are there brands you admire where you can share their posts on their news and updates? Can you share your love of what they do with your audience because you have a hunch they’ll love it too?

Reposting your network’s posts, and tagging your connections in your posts works toward building stronger relationships with your peers, it exposes your brand to a wider audience, and triple bonus, it alerts the algorithms mystics too! For every one of your posts that is liked by someone outside of your network, the algorithms have fresh, new data to work with. This is the kind of data they use to join the dots between what you post and who’s interested in it. The more new info algorithms have, the more they adjust where your posts show up. Win-win-win!

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